Sathurnus: I

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NTOGN | Sathurnus : 1 (Tome) – EP
NTOGN | Sathurnus : 1 (Tome) - EP

Sathurnus: I


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I could feel the mana running warm under my skin as the cold desert breeze swept through the valley. The black cloaks of my brethren fluttered like whips in the wind as our caravan slithered on through the desolate fields that had pulled us so far away from our crypt. The sun was setting and with a cry, I ordered us into a halt.

We were very close now, we could all feel it. Our dragons had been silent for nearly three days and the tension inside of our horde was growing increasingly fierce. I looked down into my hands and saw no trace of the strong fists that had once tamed these giant scaulding creatures. A lifetime flashed before my eyes as I read the scars and wrinkles that ran endlessly across my palms like runes. Then, my eyes jolted toward the horizon as a clap of thunder broke the silence. We all watched as the sun swelled rapidly and we knew that the time had finally come.

By the pounding fists of Ba’al.
To the roars of our burning children.
Death was coming to release us all.