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OFFTHESKY | Hiding Nature (Home Normal) – CD

Hiding Nature


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Hiding Nature is obviously an Offthesky record, with its minute attention to detail and its beautiful, often creeping, sometimes sporadic, bursts of melody. Essentially Jason’s plan was to make an album of heavily processed vibraphone pieces, yet it became so much more featuring clever use of warbly guitar tones and textures throughout, and incredible haunting vocal arrangements on ‘Frozen Fountain’, for example. It ranges from the melodic brilliance of ‘Hand Held Lightly’ to the more experimental playfulness of ‘Clockwort’, from the guitar chords mixed with bleeps of melody on ‘Little Subtle Secret’ to the delicately processed vibraphone of ‘Rest But Not Least’.

Its a complete listening experience by one of the most talented producers around today, an astonishing record and the most fun I have heard in melodious experimentation in some time, maybe ever. As Jason himself says, ‘Enjoy this with your nearest breathing thing


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