Fidelis / Blavus

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OHRWERT | Fidelis / Blavus (Greyscale) – EP

Fidelis / Blavus


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Lithuania’s Greyscale returns this December with Ohrwert’s Fidelis / Blavus, backed with remixes from XDB and Grad_U.

Greyscale was launched in 2012 by Lithuanian producer and DJ Grad_U, and photographer Rima Prusakova, set up as a platform for material from Grad_U and close friends whilst Prusakova’s black and white analogue photography provides the visual identity of the label.

The original mix of Blavus opens the EP, perfectly setting the tone with murky, ethereal atmospherics, billowing dub echoes, modulating percussion and thunderous drums before DubTechno stalwart XDB strips things back a little with soft touches of the originals airy drones tucked away in the depths whilst choppy stabs and dynamically unfolding analogue rhythms wander throughout.

The second original from Ohrwert opens the flip-side, upping the energy levels slightly with hooky stab-sequences, filtered delays and hypnotic melodies running alongside a sturdy percussive foundation. Lastly to round out the release Grad_U reworks Blavus into a more groove-driven workout, employing shuffled hats, looped dub chords and bumpy sub-bass hits throughout.