Summer Solstice Edition

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RROSE / ORPHX | Summer Solstice Edition ( Khemia Records ) – EP

Summer Solstice Edition


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London based electronic music label Khemia Records announces its second split release vinyl Ep.

¬†‘Aurora‘ on the Lunar side is a new work created for Khemia by venerable Canadian producers Orphx.
 Crepuscular, infrasonic hydro-acoustics submerge padding rhythms, emerging gradually through oscillations and the caustic snarl of static, into a mutant echo chamber of polyrhythmic hypnosis and fractal bleeps to be finally swept away by vast, billowing swathes of spectral harmonics.

¬†‘Emboli‘, on the Solar Side is a new track written specially for Khemia by the enigmatic sound artist Rrose.
Cascades of iridescent particles coruscate against the shadow of an ominous dirge, crashing into a wall of slurred rhythm that opens into a glacial abyss, punctuated by a fearfully insistent whiplash that finally dissolves into a quantum field of bituminous drones.