Life Lights In The Shadow

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PERCEPTUAL DEFENSE | Life Lights In The Shadow (Databloem) – 2xCD

Life Lights In The Shadow


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Perceptual Defence is Gabriele Quirici, a Swiss-Italian psychotherapist and music therapist based in Rome (Italy) and cousin of the late Oophoi. Gabriele has been composing music since 1993 for music therapy groups and soundtracks for Butoh dance and art performances and his first official album was produced by the Italian Umbra label in 2004.

This double album Life Lights in the Shadow presents 4 long-form live improvisations recorded between 2012 -2013 during several Rome art festivals and showcases Perceptual Defence’s skills and talent for creating dynamic and exciting EM compositions at the spot, which we thought deserved to be released on CD. Both 30+ minute tracks on the first CD were recorded during the “Attraverso il Butoh” Dance Improvisation.

The first track from CD two ( 41 min.) was recorded live at Valle Theater Roma (Italy) during the “Dancing Lights” Butoh Dance Performance, the second, half an hour track, was recorded live at Villa Lais Roma (Italy) during the “Three Forms of Art” Improvisation.

During the performances Gabriele used the following tools and instruments: Waldorf Xtk, Korg M50, Teenage Engineering OP-1,Yamaha Tenori-On, Korg Kaossilator Pro, Arturia Minibrute, Clavia Nord Modural G2, Electrix Warpfactory, Filterfactory, Mo-Fx, Repeater, Waterphone, Natural Sounds and processed String and Wood Instruments.