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PETER VAN HOESEN |  Coast To Coast (Time To Express) – EP

Coast To Coast


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Coast To Coast vividly presents the many faces of Belgian producer and DJ Peter Van Hoesen. Example in case: the title track is a no-holds-barred epic synthesizer composition, recorded in Berlin’s Handwerk Audio synth studio. Van Hoesen’s love for widescreen synthesis comes clearly to the fore on this track. It is a beautiful showcase of how techno can be emotive, driving and muscular, all at the same time.

‘Entrance To Entropic City’ takes a different path, opting for a much more abstract narrative. Shunning away from the dancefloor, it chooses to hint at concepts hidden below its sonic surface. ‘Voodoo Benny’s Wishbone’ takes the listener deep into hypnotic and percussive breakbeat territory. Menacing synth sweeps coil around the drums while a polyrhythmic groove shows off its tension, six minutes long. Finally, in ‘Empire In Decline’ – 2017 Dub Van Hoesen reworks his 2008 classic. Shuffling breakbeats form a new base for Empire’s bouncing synthlead.