Nine At The Beginning

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PETER VAN HOESEN | Nine At The Beginning (Time To Express) – EP
PETER VAN HOESEN | Nine At The Beginning (Time To Express) - EP

Nine At The Beginning


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Product Description

Time To Express marks its 30th release, presented by label founder Peter Van Hoesen. The Belgian producer takes up the opportunity to expand upon his previous work on the Coast To Coast EP. No longer exclusively restricted to straight 4/4 rhythms, Van Hoesen’s music investigates hybrid, broken grooves infused with a clear sense of spatial sonic awareness. This is made clear with the first two tracks, Towards Manifestation and Shapeshifting.

On the second half of the EP Van Hoesen launches two solid techno cuts, shifting from dense bassline work (Concrete Variation) to percussive, shuffling grooves (Fox Tactics).

As with all previous Time To Express outings a specific I’Ching hexagram was chosen to accompany this release. Hexagram #10 (‘Treading upon the tail of the tiger’) refers to advancement with care and ways of respectful progress.

The title of the EP is a direct reference to the first line of this intriguing hexagram.