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PETRE INSPIRESCU | Vin Ploile (Mule Musiq) – Vinyl

Vin Ploile


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Since his first EP on Luciano‘s label Cadenza in 2007 producer and dj Petre Inspirescu emerged into one of the key figures of the romanian electronic music scene.

For his latest album Vin Ploile the man that originally comes from the eastern romanian town braila stepped away from his former experiments of melting classical spheres with electronic music. Instead the 36-years old man from bucharest only used some piano, string and wind instrument elements and analogue electronics to arrange a gracefully deep ocean of sound. All slow grooving tracks spread the atmosphere of live improvised sessions that are edited, tweaked and mixed to perfection. In-the-moment moods of strange and unusual analogue synth sounds groove in a fluid quality with subliminal bass shapes, latinate percussions, jazz rhythms and acoustic melodies. Together they create a gaseous kinetic atmosphere full of tangible rhythm patterns, delicate chords and ghostly modular synth pads – all mixed subtle to create space for the tones between the tones.

You can call it a hypnotic after hour album for after hours that are dedicated to a deep listening experience. You can tag his arrangements as brilliantly textured and musically super-charged ambient, which goes beyond the usual definition of the genre.

All nine suspenseful compositions seduce with a deep melodic sensibility, harmonic adventures and an overall rhythmic ambiance of freshness and laidback enthusiasm. together they represent a challenging auditory experience that will resonate in your mind long after the music has finished.


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