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PSYK | Human (Mote-Evolver) – Vinyl



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Spanish producer Psyk aka Manuel AnĂ³s is an audio technician who makes good on his name; each of his new releases acting like a steely sonic probe to be launched into the as-of-yet uncharted depths of the psyche. His newest release for the Mote-Evolver label is solid and elemental techno as ever: it fits neatly into the label’s stylistic template of mesmerizing precision yet never forsakes individuality in order to do so. Like Psyk‘s other offerings for this label, the new EP works its magic on the central nervous system with a perfectly interwoven blend of up-front anxious sequences and mysterious luminous undercurrents, making for an experience whose energizing effect lasts well after the record has stopped spinning.

Psyk‘s basic mission – to map out and expand consciousness with dense corporeal music – is an exciting one to be a part of, as well as a necessary and timely one. In a teeming electronic music galaxy where many producers still mistake a bag of sonic tricks for a wealth of insight and sophistication, Psyk and Mote-Evolver just shrug their shoulders and continue to show what genuine growth and progress sound like.


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