Radiant Energy

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Radiant Energy | VARIOUS ARTISTS (Greyscale) – EP

Radiant Energy


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Product Description

Greyscale is launching a new series for its label and its named the Exposure Series! We are happy to say that many of these Exposure releases will be released on vinyl as well. To debut this new endeavour we have a four track compilation called Radiant Energy.

Marco Cassanelli is the first artist and his track Camden Town has a pure classic dub techno sound to it. Long delayed chords lull you into a peaceful mid-set trance while the beat is sure to move your body. Sibling‘s Valhalla rises from the depths with a fantastic bassline and metallic spheres drenched in echo. A heady and busy track that really makes you take notice. On the second side is Evolution by Federsen and it has a more traditional dub approach. The groove is addictive here. Sounds dip and swell in a master class of subliminalism. Genning‘s Q.3 closes out the first Exposure Series EP with a more modern approach. Pure floorfiller here! This track covers you with a nostalgic euphoric feel while maintaining that deep underground sound. We are excited for you to take this new journey with us! Welcome to the Exposure series!