Taking Place In The Foyer

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RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT | Taking Place In The Foyer (Hospital Productions) – LP

Taking Place In The Foyer


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Taking Place In The Foyer was originally released in a run of just 14 copies on double tape back in 2012 and is now available on vinyl for the first time as part of the ongoing Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement reissue series.

Originally appearing second in the series, it then served to only heighten the enigma of a project which was, as yet, undisclosed as the work of Dominick Fernow, who’s maybe best known for his transgressive Prurient output, and the Muslimgauze-inspired rhythmic reportage of Vatican Shadow, as well as overseeing the ever Hospital Productions imprint. On its original release, each of RSE‘s hand-duplicated and super limited tape editions were rabidly devoured by Hospital Productions disciples with little or no firm knowledge of the project’s provenance, this one included. Understandably they became coveted items for hardcore disciples and new admissions to the label’s occult mass alike, often fetching multiples of the original retail price on the 2nd hand market.

Taking Place In The Foyer is among the most cherished of the early RSE instalments. Following and diverging his unheimlich path, these four tracks find Fernow broadening his temporal scope and entrenching the spirits farther from home, covering bleaker terrain with the trudging momentum and shuddering conclusion of Spot A Witch By Changes In The Person’s Behaviour, whereas In New Guinea Police Don’t Have The Petrol Money To Search For The Witch Murderers locates him toiling aleatoric at some dank workshop, and the unanswered CB radio crackle of Bodies Of Suspected Witches Are Dumped In The River Or Buried In Toilet Pits sets up the petrifying closing scene of Sorcery Killings.

RSE can be taken as a minimal, supernatural-focussed adjunct to Vatican Shadow‘s war commentary, invoking a more abstract, visceral and haptic sound, leaving us stranded in a tropical-rain streaked AR soundscape….