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RECENT ARTS | Skin (Non Standard Productions) – LP



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Recent Arts is a duo conformed by visual artist Valentina Berthelon and musician Tobias Freund. Together they build live performances using video projections and experimental sound – charged with symbols, stories and poetry – thus generating sound environments that invite to enjoy the music while deeply connecting with our perceptions of the world and our sense of realities within it.

Skin is an audiovisual concert formed by video projections, experimental electronic music, lightning design and voice –performed live by singer Barbie Williams. For this project, Recent Arts collaborated with a number of performers and dancers in order to create video works that involve improvisations with the bodies, following on the music by Tobias Freund. Throughout the show, the video projections appear in tandem with haunting musical landscapes, telling stories and altering tensions in the environment, questioning the limits and possibilities of the moving bodies.