Think Twice

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RECONDITE | Think Twice (Life and Death) – Vinyl
RECONDITE | Think Twice (Life and Death) - Vinyl

Think Twice


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A long time friend of the label and an artist who needs no introduction, Recondite presents two unique techno narratives for his much anticipated first EP on Life and Death.
Up first and straight out the gate like the turning of the great Boethian wheel, Think Twice turns over and on top of itself again, like the march of time and the fortunes of paupers and princes alike. An ever advancing urgent reminder of the transitory nature of the eternal now, it graces us with her beauty and leaves us with a shaking sensation deep in our bones.
On the B side, Serak begins with a bellowing bass emitted like a series of holotropic breaths from belly of Stanislav Grof himself. A sequence of sounds sent like a fishing line to the depths of the psyche, it returns with a portentous melody that winds and wanders until exploding midway thru the piece in a burst of restrained emotion.


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