Android Malfunction

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REDSHAPE | Android Malfunction (Delsin) – EP

Android Malfunction


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Product Description

It’s ten years since his debut album on Delsin, and with another hand full of EPs Redshape has built a long and steady relation with Delsin over the past 13 years. His latest is Android Malfunction, a four track EP exploring his smoky and atmospheric sound once more.

Android Malfunction, the title track, is a loose six minute groove with military styled marching drums and an intense growing rubbery bassline. Passengers stays low and deep, with a real focus on the drum programming and layered up synths that speak of a sparse, dehumanised future world. On the flip side, Bishop ups the pressure with more rooted and rolling drums but wild synth lines and loopy snares that are as cinematic as you would expect from Redshape. Last of all, A New Home is a zoned out deep techno cut that invites you to get lost in dreamy melody sequences that are beautifully melancholic and expansive. As ever, Redshape’s visionary brand of techno remains seriously moving here.