Through The Spirit Realm

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REFRACTED | Through The Spirit Realm (Silent Season)
REFRACTED | Through The Spirit Realm (Silent Season)

Through The Spirit Realm


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Through The Spirit Realm is Refracted‘s first LP to date, and it comes Canada’s excellent Silent Season, a home to Rasmus Hedlund, Quantec, and ASC, among others.

Enter The Jungle‘ quickly gives a picture of what’s to come thanks to the track’s abstract blend of animal sounds, a myriad of noises which is swallowed up the warm and dubby swings of ‘The Jungle Is Thick‘ – a Donato Dozzy kinda lick. The whole LP follows a similar string of thought, one that binds stripped back techno together with deep ambience and slow-moving plates of drone; ‘The Ritual Begins‘ is simply hypnotic and we could keep it on for hours on loop. It’s tribalism at its most cutting-edge, and an altogether fantastic debut performance from this growing techno personality.


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