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REHUE | Suyai (Nguillatun Records) – EP
REHUE | Suyai (Nguillatun Records) - EP



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For the Mapuches or “People of the earth” the forces of good or “Ngnech” -meaning life and construction- opposes the forces of evil or “Wekufe“, representing the destruction and death.Through their ritual ceremonies, they seek to balance of these two dissimilar energies.
The nguillatun, the great ceremony of supplication, is high on all these ceremonies. During the ceremony dances are performed accompanied by various prayers.
This first release, Suyai, has 3 tracks from Rehue (Auca + Zedje) emerged from a joint work between Madrid and Buenos Aires. The remix is an incredible work from the french artist, Von Grall. All the tracks mastered by Neel.