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RICARDO DONOSO | Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine


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Following on from early 2015’s exercise in dissonant formalism Sarava ExuDonoso’s newest full length work sees a return to a more melodic sound. Machine to Machine continues to bridge the gap between Donoso’s more rhythmic and melodic work alongside his more experimental, loose and dissonant side yet still maintaining his unique signature feel. 

Recorded over the last two years in between visual commissions and more through-composed heady works such as Sarava Exu and A Song for EchoMachine to Machine represents Donoso’s return to the songbook format for the first time since 2012.

Influenced by the work of Edward BernaysGustave Le Bon and Ernest Dichter – wherein past efforts have seen Donoso looking inwards, Machine to Machine has him looking outward – incorporating subliminal advertising techniques such as backmasking, ZMET and steganography, Machine to Machine is a meditation on priming with and without awareness and a treatise on the psychophysics of our contemporary age.

Machine to Machine’s collection of songs are Donoso’s most versatile yet, incorporating all major elements from his discography into a unified album. There is something for everyone on Machine to Machine, and that is well the point, a vast range of emotion eliciting stimuli for your consumption.