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ROBERT HOOD | Motor: Nighttime World 3 – CD

Motor: Nighttime World 3


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Robert Hood‘s Motor: Nighttime World 3 is a concept album inspired by Julien Temple‘s documentary Requiem for Detroit (2010). Interesting as the Motor back-story (Detroit’s post-industrial collapse) is, the last thing you want do while listening to it is worry about getting any narrative arc that Robert Hood is trying to establish with Slow-Motion Katrina or A Time to Rebuild. The track titles spell it out, but ultimately, you will connect with Motor because it is palpable soul music, techno of big, broken-hearted beauty.

If you only know Hood as the stark, sparse father of minimal techno, you may find that emotional richness hard to believe. But Motor is the third in a series of albums, the first released in 1995, where Hood puts the brake on, turns off the engine, and reflects. You might have spotted off-kilter keys and be-bop chords on Hood’s last dancefloor album, Omega, but here his jazz influences, his deft command of melody, his love of pulsating electro noir even, are brought together in this serious, atmosphere-drenched setting. This is masterful, painfully human machine music.

Tony Naylor – Resident Advisor


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