Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness

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ROD MODELL | Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness (13) – CD/BOOK
ROD MODELL | Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness (13) - CD/BOOK

Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness


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Ten years after Plays Michael Mantra (his last work for Silentes), 13 / Silentes present the first book of photography by Rod Modell.

Dawn, Dusk, And Darkness is a collection of over 100 personal photographs made during a 10 week stay in Barcelona during April-June 2016. A CD of Barcelona field-recordings and emotional atmospheric sounds by Rod Modell (that were influenced by the images) is included.

These unique images and musical textures emphasize the darker, nocturnal side of Barcelona, and capture fleeting seconds that occurred between the moments that others noticed. A collection of mysterious images that reveal deeper layers with each subsequent viewing. A monumental work presented in a wonderful deluxe limited edition.

Limited edition of 480 copies
30cm x 24cm
72 pages (soft-touch hardcover with varnished details)