For Aquantice

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RROSE | For Aquantice (Eaux) – Vinyl
RROSE | For Aquantice (Eaux) - Vinyl

For Aquantice


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Since making her debut on Sandwell District back in 2011, Rrose has become a familiar figure on the experimental techno circuit. Though she recently committed a quite singular album to the Further Records cause, it’s Rrose’s own Eaux label through which her revelatory material largely arrives and For Aquantice is another fine EP.

For Aquantice features three more ghostly, otherworldly compositions, beginning with the creepy electronics and undulating rhythms of “Levitate“. There’s a greater rhythmic intensity to the wonky, delay-laden drums of the equally supernatural “Vellum“, while “Signs” charges off in a classic off-key intelligent techno vein – all spiraling riffs, spitting melodies and psychedelic electronics.


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