Range Of Regularity : Remixes

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SAMUEL ROHRER | Range Of Regularity Remixes (Arjunamusic) – EP

Range Of Regularity : Remixes


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Coming hot on the heels of Samuel Rohrer‘s Range of Regularity¬†album are two EPs of striking reinterpreta- tions. These new remixes provide an intriguing parallax view of the original tracks, using the percussive eclecticism of the parent LP as a starting point from which to journey into soni- cally vibrant, feature-rich territories.¬†

Villalobos‘ compelling take on Lenina‘ pulsates from start to finish with a kind of voluntary anxiety, a commitment to painting every corner of the sonic surface with clearly defined pointillist touches. While this kind of approach would cause less confident producers to collapse at their editing worksta- tion, Villalobos takes to the task with gusto – leaving see- mingly no corner un-animated by sound, he pieces together something surprisingly funky and hyper-real from a catalog of distinct percussive hits, time-reversed ephemera, and playful kitchen sink’ ambience.

Vilod‘s Uncertain Grace‘ remix, though marginally more laidback than the flipside, is no less engaging. A buzzing beehive of activity powered by an organ- like refrain, this is one of those pieces that will induce a fee- ling of perpetual movement into even the most still of physi- cal surroundings. This is especially true when, after four and a half minutes of flotation, a straight-ahead techno rhythm ta- kes over and all the disparate hovering elements fall into place.

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    Uncertain Grace


    Uncertain Grace
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