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SENKING | Capsize Recovery (Raster-Noton) – CD

Capsize Recovery


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Jens Massel aka Senking was born in Cologne in 1969 and lives there again today. Senking‘s new record is an excursion to the depths of the human psyche. it’s like the record is reflecting a difficult situation one can get into, as well as the struggle of getting out of it again.

Capsize Recovery takes the listener on a ride through a very dark universe of gloomy sounds and atmospheres. The 8 tracks of the album are characterized by Senking‘s epic signature sounds – creepy hovering bass lines, clean and slowed down drums, paired with oscillating and sometimes fierce synth melodies and shots. With his extremely deep and dubby arrangements that explore the depths and abysses of bass heavy music, he creates soundscapes that convey a subtle sense of unease or even fear, as if they were the soundtrack to a mysterious and disturbing film.


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