Mensch 003

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SEVERENCE | Mensch 003 (Mensch Musik) – Vinyl

Mensch 003


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Severence is an electronic sound artist who lives in spain.

Mensch 003 experiments with various forms of chaotic sound & signal generation to create dense chaotic sound fields and other more relaxed ambient soundscapes. All tracks were recorded live in one take using a eurorack modular synth, a mixing desk and various effects pedals (no overdubs or post processing in the computer).

Side A focuses on the nonlinearcircuits sloth, a very slow chaotic control voltage generator which is used in these examples to slowly pull the patched sounds apart and back together again:
Side B focuses on the epoch modular benjolin, a eurorack version of rob hordijk’s “bent by design” benjolin circuit. the benjolin provides the chaos and sound this time with other modules gently modulating its chaotic core:


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