Hard Matter / Warm Currents

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SHIFTED | Hard Matter / Warm Currents (Avian) – EP

Hard Matter / Warm Currents


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Product Description

Alongside the release of his fourth studio album The Dirt On Our Hands, Shifted announces accompanying single Hard Matter / Warm Currents.

A characteristically refined triptych detailing the artist’s forays into both functional, peak time contemporary Techno and more delicate, introspective effervescence, Hard Matter / Warm Currents provides an entry into the world surrounding, and at the centre of, The Dirt On Our Hands.

Assertive and crisp, single opener Hard Matter showcases some of Shifted’s most engaging and propulsive dance floor material of late. As ever, the devil’s in the detail as heavily processed delay sends and driven reverb tails dip in and out of stage centre, providing dynamic lifts and softer, momentary lulls in an otherwise relentless, wrought-iron composition. Ambient piece Form A Circle tempers the brash dynamism of its predecessor with gentle, organic undulations and layers of white noise, while a curiously vocal synth line sits deep in the mix. Closer Warm Currents returns to the structural concerns of the A side – but eschews outright dance floor fervour in favour of a more heads down approach, with beautiful contrast between wider, washed out synth lines, dense ‘barely there’ percussive motifs and the distinctive, driven hats that remain an instantly recognisable hallmark of the artist’s work.