Sounds Of Silence

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SIBLING & HEAVENCHORD | Sounds Of Silence (Greyscale) – CD

Sounds Of Silence


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The latest Greyscale release features two immense, sonic worlds fusing together for one outstanding musical adventure. Artists Sibling and Heavenchord team up to take Greyscale and the dub techno genre to even greater heights. The expansive development of sounds and ideas here are truly epic for the listener.

Breathtaking melodies, well-defined bass notes and shape-shifting chords of perfection. The sounds are focused, polished and fluctuate throughout the programs in different and unique ways. Volumes dim and flicker while others subliminally and organically carry messages. A great balance of technical creation and mood building runs a theme here. Each song is carefully crafted using the entire spectrum of sound and it becomes easy to get lost in any particular one. For those that think dub techno can be too formulaic and too predictable, we encourage but in fact, we urge them to play this album so they can hear the possibilities pushed forward by these artists with a clear vision and fresh perspectives. An album that is full of depth and arguably some of the most creative in the genre. A must-have!