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SILENT HARBOUR Silent Harbour (Echocord) CD

Silent Harbour


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Dutchman Boris Bunnik already crafts deeper house and techno than most. Forever keen to experiment and push the boundaries, though, the man best known as Conforce has recently started a new moniker, Silent Harbour. It’s an alias which will see him explore more cerebral and conceptual sounds than ever before with the first fruits, a full length entitled Silent Harbour, due to be released on Danish imprint Echocord. To explain the roots of the project it’s best to go right inside the mind of Bunnik, where he himself has been lost recently, exploring notions of isolation, deep-sea submersion, aquatic environments and all the abstract ambiance such places entail. Silent Harbour is about exploring the deep unknown, about slowing tempos without losing focus on details, about sound tracking the everyday movie that plays out at the bottom of the deepest darkest oceans of which we know so little…


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