Gegen Die Zeit

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SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER | Gegen Die Zeit (Sky Walking) – LP

Gegen Die Zeit


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Recorded in 2015 underneath a highway bridge in Offenbach, Germany, due to stunning ROTOR concert series, the duo SOLLMANN & GÜRTLER performed an aural conversation between a ring modulated electric guitar and a variety of reed instruments, sent through a cluster of electronic filters and devices.

PHILLIP SOLLMANN, also known as EFDEMIN, currently worked on his MONOPHONIE project for VOLKSBÜHNE Berlin, RUHRTRIIIENNALE and KAMPNAGEL Hamburg including the HARRY PARTCH instruments. Further on he collaborated on a modular church organ system with KONRAD SPRENGER.

The multi instrumentalist JOHN GÜRTLER is part of the collective PARADOX PARADISE. He is mainly a film musician and composer, who won multiple awards for his scores.