Dancing Therapy

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SPACE TRAVEL | Dancing Therapy ( Perlon ) – LP / CD

Dancing Therapy


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Breathtaking debut album by Spacetravel on German-based imprint Perlon. Hardly has the connection between an artist identity and a work title evoked the mood of the corresponding music so spot on like on this brand-new Perlon stimulant. Triggering just the right senses, these eight fabulously swinging mecano tracks from dark-blue Funk laboratories hit the alert button, widen the attention span, and hone gut instincts as dancers encounter the floor as if it was their first time. Out of arcane niches – real or imagined, nobody dares to imagine – where it seems no sound has been expected before, surges of quirky, cuddly signals and noises appear to travel through bass-saturated space and propagate shudders of sneaky delight. Dancing feels like forgetting all habits and lose orientation to stumble straightforwardly into the reward center. Mind, this body is alive!


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