The Dynamic Dispatch

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STAFFAN LINZATTI | The Dynamic Dispatch (Field Records) – LP

The Dynamic Dispatch


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Ever since ‘The Event‘, we knew that our reality would become more hostile towards our presence. The very fabric was changing, and we would have to change either our presence or our reality. A program called ‘The Dispatch‘ was created to preserve human existence through an infinite number of simulated universes. Each universe would serve as a parallel world for future humans, being indistinguishable from the real thing.

As we write ‘The Dispatch‘, your future as humans is being compiled and executed. From its start, our existence will end and your new world replaces ours. Our story and our memories will live on in your reality. Our creation, deeply embedded within the ‘The Dispatch‘, is a brave tale of perhaps our greatest achievement – if not our very last. A reality, not being bound by time nor space, but limited only to your ability to grow…