Mind Patterns

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STEVE BICKNELL | Mind Patterns (6dimensions) – EP
STEVE BICKNELL | Mind Patterns (6dimensions) - EP

Mind Patterns


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Throughout his career, Steve Bicknell has retained a true groundedness, with everything he’s stood behind being indelibly marked by a progressive and uncompromising attitude.

Lean and precise, with a beautifully controlled palette, wide dynamics and rich level of sonic detail, the record flies out of the blocks with the pumping ‘harmonious balance’, described by its creator as a “reflection on hatred and furthering an understanding of hate and how acceptance induces balance”.

Continuing to unpack the work, ‘the moment I stopped’ is described as “a realisation of the importance of self-preservation to balance yourself in order to take care of others close to you”; whilst on the flip, ‘messenger molecules’ depicts “the flow of blood and how it feeds the brain of feelings through coded information”.