This Quiet Earth

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SUBSET | This Quiet Earth (Greyscale) – CD
SUBSET | This Quiet Earth (Greyscale) - CDSUBSET | This Quiet Earth (Greyscale) - CD

This Quiet Earth


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Subset is the featured artist for the 17th Greyscale full-length. Named This Quiet Earth, this 9 track heavyweight of dubby goodness offers a consistent variety of spatialness while the atmosphere clearly surrounds you with its innate charm. Heavy chords are consistent characteristic here while the beats are strong and favor more of a steady low tempo.

Tracks like The Rivers Are Dry and Trippy Specs are soaked in reverb with an old skool dub sound while The Community Of Worlds and Two Halves are another pair of deep-seated scenic heaters. The steady static over many tracks give off a language of communication to the listener that balances the organic elements extremely well. Lucy’s Sky Dreams is not unlike a classic Echospace track with tremendous depth that has you on the edge of your seat. A gentle album across the board that still has a reserved serious tone to it. Another fine addition to the camp, Subset‘s debut with us is a memorable one.