Luminosity Device

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SURGEON | Luminosity Device (Dynamic Tension Records) – 2xLP

Luminosity Device


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” (…) The LP bristles with energy from the start. After the beatless pulse of “Seven Peaceful Deities,” the maximalist attitude of “The Primary Clear Light” seems like a kind of test. The trancey arps rushing over the top of the track might divide opinion among devout Birmingham techno heads who crave the steely menace of his 12-inches for Downwards or Counterbalance. Those conspicuous high notes, though, allude to the title’s meaning—the clear light or luminosity apparently experienced in deep sleep or death. Other tracks are more Surgeon-like, particularly the ferocious “Earth-Sinking-Into-Water,” which sidesteps conventional percussion in favour of snarling rhythmic threads. 

“The Vibratory Waves Of External Unity” is the best demonstration of Child’s machines working in harmony, with its interlocked lead and bassline moving as one. The track teeters on the edge of chaos, but Child always retains control—a part of the process that seemed less important on the last album. Luminosity Device isn’t a perfect Surgeon LP—the pealing leads, modular squiggles and bludgeoning offbeat kicks, heard on tracks like “Courage To Face Up To” and “Master Of All Visible Shapes,” develop into a noticeable formula. But in the music’s detail and delivery you can feel how Child has mastered these errant, infinitely complex machines. ” 

Resident Advisor | Oli Warwick