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TALE OF US | Endless (Deutsche Grammophon) – 2xLP



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The Italian duo fuses classical, ambient and film music genres into novel sonic experiences, thrilling for concertgoers and electronic-music fans alike. Since their childhoods, classical music has had a great significance for both Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte of Tale Of Us. On Endless they introduce their fans to this life-long passion for the first time. “Deutsche Grammophon was a natural choice for us. Classical music is very deeply rooted in us and we felt that it is getting a new momentum.

Tale Of Us open up a new chapter in their discography, blending genres of classical, ambient and film music. Ambient music deals with atmosphere and space; Tale Of Us charge those soundscapes with emotional and existential content. The elegance of their club tracks is combined with the harmonious richness of classical composition, offering a profound insight into human life at its most radiant and happy as well as in its darker moments.