From The Far Future Pt.2

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TERRENCE DIXON | From The Far Future Pt.2 (Tresor) – CD

From The Far Future Pt.2


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Twelve years ago Tresor Records released Terrence Dixon‘s debut album From The Far Future – a personal homage to the art and ancestry of techno, culminating in a discursive and dream-like course through the genre’s many tomes, complete with subtle nods to key protagonists such as Kraftwerk, Derrick May and Juan Atkins. After a string of stylistically rich releases – including another album, Train Of Thought (Yore Records) – the Detroit native returns to Tresor Records with From The Far Future Pt.2, an ambitious, scopey and deeply personal sequel. Taking the form of a fourteen-track CD, From The Far Future Pt.2 is a masterful and extensive techno album that alludes to – without relying on – Dixon’s Detroit heritage and affinities. Warm syncopated house, wonky jazz, grainy dub textures and smoky ambience.

From The Far Future was special in many ways. It’s over 12 years later and seems like yesterday to me, it really does,” says Dixon. “From The Far Future Pt.2 is my real life drama playing out before your ears, it has everything on this album that has something to do with where I live. I wanted to make this album as huge as it could be. This is a statement album. A variety of tracks from a minimal point of view.


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