Room 310

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TERRENCE DIXON | Room 310 (Meakusma) – EP

Room 310


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The original Room 310 has one filtered and repetitive synth melody at its core, Dixon‘s own voice marking a conflict between the reality of everyday life and the expanded reality of what he sees in the sky. Who is That explores the same territory. Equally repetitive as we know of Mr Dixon, and all in his own special way!

The remixes and original versions are continually changing and evolving. The remix features off-key synth stabs on the Polysix, double-bass played by Seggi and a techno-ish vibraphone played by Pasquale Mirra. Tommaso Cappellato‘s gentle background drumming flows over the TR808. All this conjures up a 70’s jazz feel that fits Dixon‘s albeit jazzy Detroit wanderings like a glove. Seemingly organic, the whole atmosphere in this jazz rework is equally cosmic and ‘far out’ as in the original tracks.