Lysergic Paranoia

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THE SOLID SYSTEM | Lysergic Paranoia (Forsaken Cell) – EP

Lysergic Paranoia


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Defined as an independent entity, drawing its inspiration from the deconstructed walls of an imaginary and utopian society where music is king and artist is servant, Forsaken Cell is a Paris and Lyon based structure composed of a small ravers community, aimed to show an indie, radical and experimental face of the french underground scene.After showing a raw and anarchic vision of techno with Deikean‘s debut release, the Forsaken Cell keeps on exposing a radical and experimental face with, this time, a brighter and oniric aspect.

This EP, debut of The 矯激 Solid System, presents itself as a fine mix of industrial and psychedelic textures inspired by the diversity and eclecticism ubiquitous in the rave culture. Thus this character, as discreet as he is, shows up at the scene: naked, assuming from the outset to be as much influenced by the bass music sharp rhythmic and dusty textures of industrial dub techno, that warm colorings and transcendent sounds of psychedelic music.