Natural Aspirations (Pt. 1)

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THEO PARRISH | Natural Aspirations – Pt. 1 (Sound Signature)

Natural Aspirations (Pt. 1)


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Already heard on one of Theo Parrish incredible mix cd’s friendly children combines his trademark blunt 4/4 bass-drum with a stripped down afro groove, sparse latin piano chords, a children chorus and joyful flute licks before changing the atmosphere halfway through: atmospheric string chords and imaginative, lyrical piano improvisation take the lead for a beautiful, contemplative ending.

The b-side cut starts out as a slow motion 4/4 beat with dark, horn loops contrasted by sharp metallic, industrial sounds – during the break Theo Parrish introduces a female vocal loop, throws in more energetic, harder punching beats and lightens up the atmosphere with symphonic big-band jazz samples. another adventure in sound by one of the few unqiue heads in electronic music.