Sound Sculptures | Vol. 1

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THEO PARRISH Sound Sculptures vol.1 (Sound Signature)

Sound Sculptures | Vol. 1


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Theo Parrish is a master crafter of a decidedly elusive brand of dance music, which is rare. Most sounds that identify as “dance music” take bold measures to make their intentions known, but Parrish‘s sound – an odd, insinuating kind of house music – counts as more suggestive and sly, with subtle textural rubs and beats that register as ellipses more than exclamation points. Parrish‘s is a message that arrives by way of coded whispers and hums.One of the byproducts of Parrish‘s elusiveness is that you have to work a little to hear him. This makes for a special kind of disconnect where newcomers might be left to wonder what Parrish partisans (and there are many) find to fetishize in tracks that play like little more than sketchy drafts or protracted sashays.
The keys to the enterprise are patience and an abiding sense of a project at work– a cunning, cumulative project that rewards immersion more than immediacy. All of which makes Sound Sculptures Vol. 1 an ideal way to hear Parrish in his many moods.” 


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