Among Wolves

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TIM GREEN | Among Wolves ( Cocoon Recordings ) – EP

Among Wolves


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Tim Green is back and presents his 3rd release for Cocoon Recordings. With the two predecessors in mind these three records make a really cool trilogy as all of them are ultra deep, electronic, emotional and (again) perfectly programmed! “Among Wolves” follows the typical Tim Green formular with this highly musical way of combining surpreme beats and massive basslines with deep melodies. This is music, this is art and this story telling with sounds. “Among Wolves” is one of Greens most dramatic productions so far and it will for sure take you on a trip while getting lost on the floor.
Over The Water” appears a bit more relaxed however it doesn’t leave the emotional and dramatic corner. If you are bored of all those simple and loop-based toolhouse productions you’ll definitely find something touching and interesting here. Tim Green prooves again that he is the uncrowned master of electronic music if it comes to deep and emotional productions. Something to feed your brain, your body and your soul. Something to get lost to and something to stand out for sure!


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