Bass Desires

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TM404 & ECHOLOGIST | Bass Desires EP (Kynant Records)

Bass Desires


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Two of the leading artists in dub techno and ambient electronics produced four cuts between their extensive studios in New York and Stockholm, with the results sitting in between the powerful oscillations of Echologist‘s previous EP for Kynant (KYN005) and the slo-mo, Roland jams TM404 specialises in.

TM404 & Echologist (aka Andreas Tilliander and Brendon Moeller) collaborate for the first time on ‘Bass Desires‘.

The two A-side tracks are the most direct, with hard-hitting drums, soaring atmospherics and boomy reverb. Flip over and the record spaces out into cavernous bass vibrations; first the subterranean ‘Odyssey‘ and then the melodic, modular twists of the 105BPM title track.