Telomic Ghost

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TM404 & ECHOLOGIST | Telomic Ghost (Kynant Records) – 2xLP

Telomic Ghost


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Telomic Ghost is the natural peak of TM404 & Echologist’s transatlantic collaboration. Since their first release together in 2017 (KYN007), Andreas Tilliander and Brendon Moeller have explored their subaquatic, techno sound on a further EP (KYN010), and now this album broadens the scope with ambient cuts, slo-mo acid and dubbed-out house.

Both Tilliander and Moeller have renowned discographies of hazy electronics, under a number of aliases and with numerous collaborators. Their records as TM404 & Echologist have struck on a powerful synergy, pairing the glitchy, Roland indebted sound of TM404 with Moeller’s dub-wise headspace and striking sound design. Turn the lights down, press play and freefall into the depths of Telomic Ghost.