A Series of Shocks

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TOBIAS | A Series of Shocks (Ostgut Ton) – Vinyl

A Series of Shocks


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A Series Of Shocks is the second solo album from accomplished Berlin based producer Tobias Freund. Continuing his exploration into non-standard electronic music, and expanding on the rich sound palette charted in his first LP, Leaning Over Backwards (2011), this new chapter presents 10 versatile tracks taking us ever further into the purist, evolving sonic world of Tobias. With clarity of sound and a conscious mind to allow each element its place, Tobias has found a maturity and a true art in controlling the lively dance of the constituent parts. A master at the mix-down, everything gels; nothing is left in-concluded. What becomes apparent is that this album carries not only sixty-one and a half minutes of inventive contemporary electronic music, but also decades of experience, knowledge and passion for an artform that can only grow through the work of activists such as Tobias Freund.


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