Music For The Symbol Minded

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TOM ELLIS | Music For The Symbol Minded (Telegraph) – EP

Music For The Symbol Minded


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Telegraph is proud to present Tom Ellis’ new EP. A four tracks project that showcases the huge talent of this special UK House producer. All tracks are dancefloor killers, always funky and groovy they are full of creativity evolving into different atmospheres. A tribal exotic flavour on some tracks bring a fresh vibe into his productions, Tom’s music definitely is very human and always musical.

Tom’s highly acclaimed and ever growing discography spreads far and wide through labels such as Hartchef, Minibar, Trimsound (his own imprint), Logistic, Archipel, Floppy Funk, Morris Audio and Telegraph. He regularly performs live around Europe and can be witnessed displaying his bass guitar skills along side label partner Leif with their Trimsound Live project.