Chuchoter Pas De Mots

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TOMAS PHILLIPS | Chuchoter Pas De Mots (13) – CD + Booklet

Chuchoter Pas De Mots


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  • Label: 13 | Private Sounds
  • Catalog #: sps1611
  • Release date: 2016-03-14
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Product Description

Chuchoter pas de mots signifies very little, if anything, beyond the immediacy of its sounds that populate a larger field of hushed silent spaces. The flatline tones that waver and conjoin, sharp, high frequencies seeking only to focus rather than innervate the attention low swells, digital flourishes bouncing off of familiar, acoustic gestures, all emerging without meaning.

No installation, dance theatre or otherwise aesthetic, ideological context. Which is not to say Chuchoter pas de mots lacks consequence.
In its discrete whispers it invites a careful balance between rest and concentration, cajoling at the same time that it releases the listening self to its own way in or out of words.

The release is presented with a 12 pages 8” booklet with paintings by Richard di Santo and photos by Stefano Gentile and it’s a limited edition of 250 copies.