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TRANCHILLIZER Various Artists (Peak Records) CD



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In the wake of the full power night-time psychedelic trip Peak-a-Doodle-Doo, Peak Records returns to chilled waters with the down-tempo compilation Tranchillizer, an ethnic-electric journey into the seas of the soul.

Compiler Master Margherita pulls yet another gem from his bag of tricks. Tranchillizer is a selection of tracks by renowned international artists and talented newcomers from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Moldavia, Panama, Australia and Japan, with a couple of surprises from well-known names usually associated with the stomping psytrance circuit. A collection of 13 chill delicacies that will transport you on a flavoured ’round-the-world cruise. Blending modern electronic sounds, ancestral scales and a vast array of ethnic instruments, this compilation will delight and accompany you whether your mood calls for swaying, swooning or letting it all hang out.


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