Tresor Records 20th Anniversary

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VARIOUS ARTISTS | Tresor Records 20th Anniversary : Mixed by Mick Huckaby (CD)

Tresor Records 20th Anniversary


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Following the Club’s 20th Anniversary back in March 2011, this October, Tresor Records memorialises its two decades of existence with an exclusive mix from one of its esteemed Detroit connections, Mike Huckaby

Whilst Mike is no new face to the Tresor family, having played in the club for many consecutive years, this mix marks his first and much anticipated release for the label. In true retrospective fashion, Mike’s 20th Anniversary Mix digs deep into the vaults of Tresor’s treasured archives, pulling out some of the most definitive classics from its unrivaled repertoire, with Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Robert Hood, Joey Beltram, Christian Vogel and Drexciya all included. 

Though its recent history has been overshadowed by the loss of its original home, Tresor Records is now transparently back with a steady concatenation of engaging releases. This anniversary mix is ringed with a series of 12”s – one from label stalwart and Berlin Techno veteran Pacou, and another from newcomer Puresque, hailing a surge forward and fresh chapter for the inaugurate techno institute.

Tracklist : 

1.Bam Bam – Where is your Child (DJ Rush Remix) 
2.Surgeon – Remnants of what once was
3.Robert Hood – Master Builder
4.Mike Huckaby – The Tresor Track
5.Cisco Ferreira – Womans Scent (Hertz Remix)
6.Cristian Vogel – Absolute Time
7.Joey Beltram – Ball Park
8.Joey Beltram – Game Form (Mike Dearborn Remix)
9.Joey Beltram – Game Form (Original Mix)
10.Joey Beltram – Instant (Original Mix)
11.Bam Bam – Give it to Me
12.Bam Bam – Where is your Child (Original Mix)
13.Surgeon – Returning to the Purity of Current
14.Jeff Mills – Late Night
15.Robert Hood – Minus
16.Robert Hood – The Core
17.Joey Beltram – Instant (Paul Johnson Remix)
18.Drexciya – Devil Ray Cove
19.Drexciya – Under Sea Disurbances
20.Drexciya – Digital Tsunami
21.Robert Hood – Chase
22.Surgeon – Black Jackal Throwbacks