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URBAN MEDITATION | Currents Of Space (Fantasy Enhancing) – CD

Currents Of Space


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After the highly acclaimed 2018 debut album 20 Years in Space, mysterious music maker Urban Meditation joins Fantasy Enhancing with a full load of new chants to guide your savasana. Currents of Space picks up where the debut album left you and provides two full CDs of beat-infected electronica, side-by-side with almost infinite soundscapes that carry you on a mental journey though time and space.

Hitch a ride on Juno, take a tour of Jupiter and witness what no human has ever experienced – surf on waves of clouds, glide on a jet stream, and touch the diamond heart of this majestic gas giant. Unfurl a sail, catch the solar wind, journey into the deep unknown. Whilst drifting on the currents of space, look back at our pale blue dot, lapping at the shores of the cosmos, and know – if we so choose, this is a slice of paradise.

Urban Meditation have used the time wisely to refine their skills and yet push their boundaries even further in endless space.