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US AS EFFIGIES | Nodula (UAE Records)
US AS EFFIGIES | Nodula (UAE Records)US AS EFFIGIES | Nodula (UAE Records)



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Us As Effigies is an ambient-drone duo from Oslo, Norway. The group was founded in the summer of 2014 and consists of Christer Lunder and Bjørn Rummelhoff-Hansen. The music is created by jammin/ improvisation, field recordings and editing.

“This is one of the best ambient / drone based works that I have heard in a long time. I chalk much of that up to Us As Effigies introducing improvisation and live performance into their pieces. They have a fresher, more spontaneous feeling than many of the drone works I’ve heard lately. I think this is a lesson that electronic artists can learn from: there is nothing that replaces live performance.”
George De Bruin | The CerebralRift

”It’s all interlaced in the thickness of a repetitive motion, providing a sense of historical ambient that’s too often absent in ambient-drone releases these days. This one my friend is loaded with so many subtle patterns and high-end textures, even the most boring listener, will be left astounding. We got ourselves another winner here and its Us As Effigies. No Doubt.”
Mog | TheSirensSound


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