Value Pack (Octagon & Colour War)

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VA | Value Pack (Octagon & Colour War) (Eklero Records) – 2xLP
VA | Value Pack (Octagon & Colour War) (Eklero Records) - 2xLP

Value Pack (Octagon & Colour War)


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Product Description

Italian imprint Eklero Records bring together in a value pack two deep and innovative EPs designed by and Kalos, who give us another of their work full of maturity and obscure nuances intertwined with mystical rhythms.

Octagon EP

Entering in the musical vision of the artists, we are faced with the concept of an octagon and then correlate number 8, with its direct symbolism and numerology indefinitely. As history teaches us 8 is one of the ancient symbols, it is the symbol of infinity, where nothing is over, but there is only a continuous cycle that produces a reflection of the spirit in the created world, immeasurable and indefinable.

In addition we find two more version recorded by Acronym and Ntogn, that capture the character and the essence of the entire production.

Colour War EP

The structure and the essence of this release, focuses on a current argument in which more and more people in this society are found to be the early protagonists, often without even realizing it. Kalos wants to tell and convey through his work, a point of view towards this theme. As can be deduced from the title of the EP, the project is to express and represent a war of colors, which fight the monotony of everyday, always flat and dark.

To accompany the two original works of Kalos, there are two remixes by great artists, the first made by the Irish duo Lakker, which are able to communicate their idea of daily march through their strong version, being able to also expose them a very clear message. The second remix is made by the Begian artist Yves De Mey, for the track “Apperance Of Freedom” where he captures in full the message of the track and re-edited, bringing attention to the full-bodied bass carefully distorted, creating a trip hypnotic evolving.