Radiant Orbs Of Abzu

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VALANX | Radiant Orbs Of Abzu (Cromlech Records) – Cassette
VALANX | Radiant Orbs Of Abzu (Cromlech Records) - Cassette

Radiant Orbs Of Abzu


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Valanx is Arne Weinberg‘s main project and makes its debut on Cromlech Records with this 40 minute tape release.

Radiant Orbs of Abzu consists of two 20 minute pieces of abstract experimentalism, drone constructs and dark ambient atmospheres. Both tracks are intertwined and form one long complete composition that is best experienced in one listening session.

The two segments have been created as a sonic adulation to Absu, the Sumerian god of fresh water of the world. Absu (or Abzu) is also a reference to the primeval sea below the void space of the underworld and the earth above.